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Tools - Get Inspired

Get Inspired

Get inspired by local case studies of community-led climate action projects that build on community strengths to implement the region’s climate action strategies.

Community Projects

In four Chicago communities, climate action is improving residents’ quality of life. Project Web pages include videos, climate action tools made and used by community partner organizations, and links to related resources.

Climate Action Models

The community Toolkit projects suggest three models for working on climate action and quality of life issues at the same time. Model Web pages include slideshows, related climate action tools, and links to related resources.

Toolkit Project Photo Albums

What does community climate action look like? Browse the best Tookit photos on Flickr.

Citizen Stewardship Models

Helping scientists monitor populations of species like butterflies and frogs or restoring the health of urban natural areas are a couple of the increasingly popular ways for people to connect with nature. Fifteen Chicago Wilderness Friends to Get to Know brings together colorful scientific illustrations, charismatic species, and helpful links to resources and projects to inspire more Chicagoans to find out how they can get involved in caring for nature in the Chicago Wilderness region. (Don't be fooled by this single link, it has fifteen more inside that lead you to stewardship models and opportunities.)