Tools for Climate Action
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The Chicago Community Climate Action Toolkit includes a broad array of climate science and action tools.

What can the tools help you do?

Who Should Use The Tools?

Anyone interested in connections between climate action and quality of life issues, including:

  • Community leaders
  • Government officials
  • Educators Residents Scholars

What Can The Tools Help You Do?

  • Learn about how climate change is impacting the Chicago region and what you can do to help
  • Design and carry out community-led climate action projects that improve local quality of life at the same time
  • Explore a place-based approach to climate change and models for community-led climate action

How Can You Use The Tools?

  • To facilitate workshop discussions
  • To infuse climate change education and action into existing activities (e.g., gardening, affordable housing)
  • To help educate people about climate change, by distributing the tools at meetings, posting them on your website, or making them available at local coffee shops or hardware stores, libraries, community organizations, etc.

Want Help?

The Field Museum and its partners are happy to help you think through which tools best suit your needs and how you might use them. Visit the ABOUT page to see who to contact.