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Climate change refers to shifts in weather patterns over long periods of time. Use the tools below to LEARN about climate change and climate action as they relate to the Chicago region.

Chicago Climate Action Plan

The City of Chicago’s roadmap to reducing greenhouse gas emissions to 80% below 1990 levels by 2050.

Chicago Climate Action Plan website

Overview of the Plan’s five strategies (English) (Español)

Full Report

Climate Action Plan for Nature

Regional plan created by the Chicago Wilderness alliance to help local nature adapt to climate change.

Climate Action Plan for Nature: Community Action Strategies (English) (Español)



Climate Change in the windy city and
the world

Primary tool for learning about the science of climate change. Also shows how climate action work can advance work around other local issues at the same time.

Booklet with quiz and discussion questions (English) (Español)

Small format booklet for printing (English) (Español) (Click here for printing instuctions)

Powerpoint with notes (PPT) (PDF)

Climate science FAQs and updates

Species Identification Guides

Photos with species names help almost anyone to identify plants and animals. Identification can be a powerful first step in drawing people into caring for nature in their community.


Species Identification Activity: Chicago Park District Natural Areas

Photo guide to Chicago Park District Prairies and Savannas

Species Identification Activity Burham Wildlife Corridor

Photo guide to Chicago's Burnham Wildlife Corridor

Climate Change and Food

Tips on climate-friendly eating, links to local resources, and food for thought.

Nature and Wellness

There is mounting scientific evidence that activity in natural spaces improves human health and  community well being. Check out a short scientific literature review and play bingo to make learning this information fun and easy.


Nature and Wellness Bingo

Twelve Studies on Nature and Well-Being

Climate Change and Cleaning

Information on human and environmental hazards of traditional cleaning, recipes for green alternatives, and advice for getting yourself and the people around you started.

Guide to Green Cleaning

The Amazing Adventures of Chicago's Climate Action Heroes

In this comic book, people and animals work together to take climate action and improve quality of life in four Chicago communities.

Comic book with activities (English) (Español)

Ideas for using the comic book as an educational tool (English) (Español)

Climate Change Guide to The Field Museum's Restoring Earth Exhibition

Self-guided tour that explores Chicago Region climate change and climate action in the context of the Museum's work in the Andes/Amazon and around the world. Intended primarily for on-site use: come to the Museum to explore!


Restoring Earth Guide

Climate Action Videos

Short videos of Chicago region climate change impacts and action plans.